Our Story

When Sophia was about 6 years old, like every little girl who loves beauty, she also wanted to wear earrings, but she did not have ear piercings and her family could not  afford to buy beautiful earrings for her at that time, so her grandmother pierced her ears with embroidery needles and used tea sticks as earrings, which became her first piece of jewelry. Despite the asymmetry of the left and right piercings, Sophia has kept her earrings on over the years. Because every time she wears earrings she will think of her grandmother who passed away for many years.

Her grandmother was a very independent and hard-working woman, just after giving birth to her second child, she divorced her husband, and raised two children alone for many years.

When Sophia was a child, her grandmother always told her that girls must be independent and not to be attached to anyone. It was precisely because of her grandmother's encouragement, Sophia became an independent woman when she grew up and founded a women's jewelry company.

After 10 years of entrepreneurship, in order to thank all the team members for their efforts, Sophia set up a new jewelry brand "Jacys Mifv" with the initials of each member's English name, and means "Girl Power". New jewelry brand "Jacys Mifv" belong to MORE Industrial Co., Limited.

Wish every woman wearing Jacys Mifv jewelry can be independent, confident and grateful.